Purisoul is a diverse multi-cultural brand both with its team & products Identity. Purisoul brand voice should be dictated by its core values. It communicated in an inspiring and a creative spirit. It is assuring, projects a bold statement, and speaks in the language of a healer - helpful, respectable, warm and approachable.
Design Mission
The brand visual identity emphasizes purity, balance and elegance with visual contrast in its graphic elements. The identity presents the brand's vision, mission and values in a visual way. The logo is a combination of a logotype and an emblem of the monogram 'PS' reflected in two ornaments that express the diversity of the brand and give the feeling of an energetic, and spiritual flow.
The logotype is a customized font hand drawn & designed specifically for the brand and the emblem also consists of two different ornaments that are used for alternate purposes.
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